Data Meditation

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico - Her She Loves Data

Thursday March 10, 2:00-3:00 pm

This event is Online. Please register HERE to participate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

Between March 3 and March 10, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico will interact with students at the University of Toronto and York University (Glendon) to examine data we produce through a series of data meditations.

Why does data have to be an extractive process?
Data Meditations is the first ritual designed with the new approach of HER: she Loves Data, which addresses data as existential and cultural phenomena, and the need of creating experience (contemporary rituals) that allow societies and individuals to come together around data generating meaning, new forms of solidarity, empathy, interconnection and knowledge.
 + What can we learn about ourselves through the data we generate everyday?
 + How can we use them as an expressive form to represent ourselves?
 + How can we wear someone else’s data, or the data of our communities, to better understand their lives, emotions and desires?
 + How can we use them to increase self-awareness, and gather around them to better observe ourselves and the environment?
 + What lies beyond privacy and control?

Inspired by the Covid19 lockdown experience, an updated version of meditation comes to life, using data as an autobiographical act, and a platform for expression for individuals and communities.

a woman and a man look into each other's eyes. he has a beard and wears a hoody; she has long hair gathered in a ponytail with shaved sides

Salvatore Iaconesi + Oriana Persico
(artistic direction & coordinations) Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico are artists, researchers, teachers and cultural activist. Working and living together since 2006, they are authors of global artworks and performances united by the exploration of contemporary technological humanity and its continuous mutation. Founders of AOS – Art is Open Source and HER: She Loves Data, the networks and research centers they use to study the psychological implications of data and computation. In 2020 they started the cultural movement of Nuovo Abitare (New Living) and the ARNA – Archive of the Rituals of Nuovo Abitare, which represent the evolution of their research.


Daniele Bucci
(ecosystems & processes design) Process and relationship designer, his research focuses on the impacts and possibilities derived from the use of digital technologies. He facilitates collective processes of creating meaning for groups and organisations. He studied design, social innovation and sociology. He is sensitive to environmental and social issues, he is an activist and volunteered in various collectives and organizations. He collaborates with HER: She Loves Data since 2019 and is among the founding members of Nuovo Abitare.

Stefano Capezzuto
(philosophy & digital humanities) Philosopher and knowledge designer, he builds alliances between critical and computational thinking, imagination and technique. With a master’s degree in Humanities Computer Science at the University of Pisa, he studied Digital Media Technology at the “Zhejiang University of Science & Technology” in Hangzhou and worked for several years in the startup sector. President of KRINO, an NGO dedicated to Digital Humanities, he collaborates with HER: she She Loves Data since 2020 and is among the founding members of Nuovo Abitare.