Anatomy of an Interconnected System

Wed. Apr 11
6:00-8:00 pm
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
222 College Street,
M5T 3J1 Toronto
Anatomy of an Interconnected System
A Performative Lecture with Margherita Pevere, Aalto University, Helsinki

Thu. Apr 12
5:00 pm
Cabinets in the Koffler Student Centre
214 College Street
Anatomy of an Interconnected System part II
An exhibition by Margherita Pevere

Margherita Pevere is  “fascinated by the connection between humans and nature, and how the pervasive introduction of technology into all aspects of our lives is affecting this relationship. Her work puts living organisms and technology in the spotlight to incite the debate over where our “hyper-technological era” is headed” (from Clara Rodriguez Fernandez, Memories Encoded in DNA and Biological Reliques, 2017).

Anatomy of an Interconnected system is a performative lecture that focuses on the human-nature interconnection in the frame of the emergent environmental crisis. It is structured in two parts – a lecture and a participative performance – which aim at manifesting the transient concepts underpinning the human-nature complex.

Margherita Pevere’s performance will be site-specific, making full use of the space at the fields Institute and treating the audience/participants to a few surprises.

The memories and material gathered during the performative lecture will join Pevere’s recent work, leading to an installation which will open the next day in the Koffler Students Centre

 Image credit: Tim Deussen 2017