ArtSci Salon/LASER event: Fibers, Textures, Textiles. Thu. Feb 26 @ Fields

Fibers, Textures, Textiles


ArtSci Salon is pleased to announce its second LASER Toronto, part of the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous series in Canada.

Thursday February 26, 6:00-8:00
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences 222 College Street, Toronto

Introduction on behalf of Leonardo by Nina Czegledy, Governing Board, Leonardo/ISAST.

First demonstrated in 1801, the Jacquard Loom was meant to facilitate, by partially automatizing, the production of textiles. Today, its punch cards system is credited for being an important step in the history of computing. But the artistry behind weaving, patterns creation, the ability to add textures and layers in computer graphics and animation applications are also inspired by most un-manufactured natureculture items that surround us. For this ArtSci Salon/LASER event, we are going to explore these mechanisms with an eclectic trio of artists-researchers whose work spells the nature of fibers, textures and textiles in non-conventional ways.

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Kathryn Walter
The FELT Studio is the multi-disciplinary art and design practice of Kathryn Walter who founded the company as a laboratory to explore the material and culture of modern industrial felt through research, architectural projects and a product line. Influenced by her background in sculpture and site-specific installation, Walter has created a body of work ranging from intimate artworks to large-scale commissions.

Meghan Price
Meghan Price holds a degree in Textile Construction from The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (2003) and an MFA from Concordia University (2009). Her work has been exhibited in Canada and the U.S., Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Cuba, Sweden, Argentina and Australia. Price has been the recipient of awards and grants from institutions including the Canada Council of the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des letters du Québec, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. She has held residencies at Artspace, Sydney, Open Studio, Toronto and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Meghan Price lives in Toronto and teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and Sheridan College. She is represented by Katzman Contemporary.

Rubaiat Habib
Rubaiat Habib is a Senior Research Scientist, illustrator and designer in Autodesk Research (Toronto). His research interest lies in the design and development of new forms of art, animation and communication tools for end users, facilitating powerful ways of thinking and communication with playful experience. His background in Computer Science and experience in visual arts gave him a unique perspective about technology for creative thinking and self expression.

This event is presented by ArtsciSalon and LASER Toronto. it is supported by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Subtle Technologies Festival.
LASER is a project of Leonardo® /ISAST
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