a living mobile gallery

We need new kinds of storytelling … we need to tell empirically grounded stories of particular times and places and positions and we need to tell them with much curiosity and wonder

Anna Tsing, Pluralizing the Anthropocene 2021

In a world where exhibition spaces are mostly showcases rather than spaces where community action occurs, what would alternative formats, new forms of interactions, more inclusive spaces look like?
What possible experiences, what new dialogues can a redesign of the gallery as a living, breathing entity foster?

Emergent is a mobile gallery featuring artworks at the intersection of science and the arts. Its goal is to better comprehend and cope with the emergence, survival, and adaptation of life as a result of climate change and global mobility, laboratory manipulations and world making.

Emergent is a porous object: it encourages reflections across different experiences and sites of divergence through and with the arts; it may reach new human and non-human audiences, and have a transformative effect on the places it visits.

Emergent interrogates the role of exhibition spaces today. What possible experiences, what new dialogues could a redesign of the gallery as a living, breathing entity foster?

A Mobile Gallery

Emergent doesn’t provide a rigid narrative that the spectator must follow. The spectator is active, and even playing with the content on display. The participant is free to approach its content and narratives on their terms. The gallery has numerous points of access to allow different modes of exploration: peepholes, magnifying lenses and periscopes allow participants to view an artwork from different angles or to discover new surprising artwork.

An Artwork

Emergent looks like a box installed on top of a bike trailer or on a platform with wheels. However, its interior changes every time it is passed on to different artists or scientists. The interior gallery contains two main chambers to which the artist can add boxes and shelves. A back section is equipped with a transparent wall to allow a more traditional exhibition view. A hidden projection space at the bottom bounce light works or small films onto the opposite wall.

A Living Object

Once artists and scientists are entrusted with the mobile gallery, they agree to share responsibility for the exhibition, by modifying its interior structure to accommodate their artwork and by simultaneously adapting their work to the space. The artist collaborates with the gallery, the surrounding context and the curators. “Care” and accountability are important for the successful completion of the collaboration.

Concept, design and fabrication by: