Emergent SM (small)

The gallery contains 2 chambers: a bigger chamber can be viewed through a series of Peeping holes or lenses that will magnify or help visualize the interior of the vessel. This chamber can contain small projections, visual material, or even small objects. The division between the two chambers can be removed to use the entire space. the smaller chamber can function like a more traditional exhibition space. The external wall can be removed, or can take different formats (for examples, it can be transparent, embossed, or look like a traditional door)

Emergent 1 – Megachile Alienus

Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. Giudecca (VE), June 22-28, 2022

Megachile Alienus was the first Emergent gallery to be built and the first to be exhibited in an international context. Initially thought to move on wheels and powered by a bicycle, it had to be adapted to the special circumstances of Venice: the city does not allow bikes on its islands.

Over the course of one month, Toronto Based interdisciplinary artist Cole Swanson received and adapted the gallery to respond to the rich ornate and golden style of Venice, and to accommodate a delicate installation featuring two species of bees that thrive both in Canada and oversea.

Swanson worked with our team and with a number of collaborators, including a skilled woodworker, a maker, and mellitologist Dr. Laurence Packer, who acted as scientific advisor.

documentation of this first installation can be found here