CALL for Participants – WorkShop/Performance with Isabel Burr Raty – Oct 29 2020


BK Female Farm 0.1 Final Potrait Cultivamos Cultura Portugal – Photo BK courtesy by Camila MonteroSM

Isabel Burr Raty c
urrently runs a mobile Farm that harvests human female erotic juices to manufacture Para-pharmaceutical bio-products with them, that will evolve into an Eco-erogenous Village of entanglements, where every-BODY will harvest each other.

We are looking for participants to take part in this unique online/distributed workshop-performance

Beauty Kit – eco-erogenous para-pharmaceutics

On Oct 29, 2020,

3:00-5:00 pm EDT

Read about the background and rationale of this workshop

How many types of female ejaculations do you know about?
Can a brain orgasm be transformed into a source of renewable energy?
Can the orgasmic body be a territory for sustainable agricultural development?
Could engaging in and speaking of bodily fluids and intimate relations help us overcome current fears of the unknown and the microscopic and open up a new culture of care and sharing, mutual aid and solidarity?
These are some (but not all!) of the questions that this workshop/performance seeks to explore.

The joint participation of the online public is very important. Pointing out gaps in scientific perspectives about the body’s orgasmic agency, she exposes allopathic and ancestral perspectives on the faculty of sexual fluids to replace the components of beauty and wellbeing products that we find in the market. An invited audience of participants is warmly welcome to test the BK transpersonal and gender neutral skin and care lines that they will receive via the post to their homes, as well as to inquire on the product’s formulas and agro-cultural technology employed in this project.

To run this workshop, we are looking for volunteers to:

  1. Participate in the workshop/performance remotely online

  2. Try some Beauty Kit (BK) products

  3. Engage in a public discussion with Burr Raty and the general audience

  4. Agree to make themselves visible, as avatars, as themselves, as masked characters or by wearing a color that gives them pleasure

This is an inclusive workshop which seeks to address intimate, scientific and political topics with respect and care.

If you wish to be part of this experience, please, send us your intent to participate: RSVP to the workshop by Oct 15, 2020 by sending an email to with a couple of sentences explaining why you are interested in being part of it.

We will ask you to provide a home address where we can send you the material.

We care about your privacy and we will do anything we can to respect your preferences. If you live in Toronto, arrangements can be made for physically distanced pickup.

This workshop is performative and participants are encouraged to impersonate their alter-ego, to play their avatar, to wear a costume etc… 


Isabel Burr Raty is an independent filmmaker, artist, teacher and sexual Kunfu coach exploring the interstices between the organic and the artificial, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and the official facts. In so doing, she aims to dig up chapters left out of history books, blur the limits between fiction/reality and re-think the memory of the future.

In her artistic work she interweaves performance and new media installation proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that invite the public to queer production understandings and embody SF in real time, such as the Beauty Kit Farm.

Isabel teaches Media art history in École de Recherche Graphique and is researcher in WAB IV nadine Brussels. In 2018 she was granted a bio-art & design deal by the AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst), which partnered her to: The Waag, Mediamatic and Prof. Toby Kiers (VU Amsterdam).

​Burr Raty has shown her works and collaborations internationally, in venues such as: KVS (Royal Flemish Theater), Beursschouwburg, Constant_V, ZSeene Art Lab, Limal (Brussels); Palais de Tokyo Paris, ISEA Hong Kong and Cultivamos Cultura Portugal; presented her work in festivals and conferences such as: Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Giftshop, Campo Victoria, Ghent (BE), Ecofutures at Queen Mary’s University London (GB), FEMeeting (PT), Taboo Transgression Transcendence in Art and Science (GR/AU), Human Enhancement Clinic at Border Sessions (NL), Science Friction at the Aki Institute in Enchede University (NL) and FACTT at Humbolt University Berlin (DE); and given workshops at the University of the Arts Berlin (DE) and Rampa Lab Ljubljana (SI).

Beauty Kit is part of Boundary-Crossings: Multiscalar Entanglements in Art, Science and Society, a public Outreach program supported by the Fiends Institute for Research in Mathematical Science

Boundary Crossings is a series exploring how the notion of boundaries can be transcended and dissolved in the arts and the humanities, the biological and the mathematical sciences, as well as human geography and political economy. Boundaries are used to establish delimitations among disciplines; to discriminate between the human and the non-human (body and technologies, body and bacteria); and to indicate physical and/or artificial boundaries, separating geographical areas and nation states.

This event is curated by ArtSci Salon with support from Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, York University

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