Emergent. A postpandemic mobile gallery. Part 1. Megachile Alienus. Venezia (ITA) June 22-25

“Emergent” is a long-term research creation project, exploring ways in which we can better comprehend and, importantly, cope with, the emergence, the survival, and the adaptation of life due to climate change and global mobility, laboratory manipulations, and world making and AI speculations. The project explores several case studies through a sustained dialogue between scientists and artists engaged with these subjects by facilitating lab visits and engaging in public debates. In addition, it extends the dialogue beyond academia through the arts as catalyst. Participants from all walks of life are encouraged to make room for reflections across different experiences and sites of divergence through and, importantly, with the arts – not with the arts as an addition or an afterthought – that would convey – not just explain or illustrate – the dynamic forces converging into, and traversing imagined and complex multispecies narratives of emergence, survival, and adaptation.

To achieve the above goals, our team has designed an “emergent” mobile gallery, that is, a series of small size, portable exhibition spaces to be created by a variety of artists, who will collaborate with scientists to explore different narratives at the intersection between art, science, and ecology. The experience offered by the mobile gallery is very different from the one provided by the traditional gallery: the mobile gallery is a porous object, affecting and transforming the places and neighborhoods it visits, changing the way they look and feel, setting dialogues with and among new audiences. In turn, the context and the space surrounding it will affect the gallery by investing it with new meaning. Emergent is also a postpandemic gallery interrogating the role of exhibition spaces today. In a disrupted world where the need for safety limits the need for physical interaction it asks: what would alternative formats, new forms of interactions, new safer and more inclusive spaces look like? Can the gallery be moved to the streets and turned into an emergent space itself? What possible experiences, what new dialogues can a redesign of the gallery as a living, breathing entity foster?


Emergent was conceived, designed and executed by Roberta Buiani, Lorella Di Cintio and Ilze Briede [Kavi]


The first version of Emergent has been created by Cole Swanson and will be on display at 

Sala Camino
Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Venezia.
June 22-25, 2022 (and other locations)

Opening June 22 18:30

 for more information check out our dedicated website here


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