FACTT -Toronto documentation

In the past 3 years, ArtSci Salon hosted FACTT, brought to Canada thanks to Cultivamos Cultura, Arte Institute and the fabulous Marta DeMenezes.

This year FACTT was a little different. Our early opening on March 2020 was cut short by the swift entrance of an unexpected guest that has then gone on to shape our lives for the next few months. As a collective of artists and scientists working at the intersection of art and science, we acknowledge the significance of our new world-wide co-inhabitant:  dear SARS-CoV-2, you are really forcing us to re-think our international networks and our art-making ways!

this is a link to some documentation from Cultivamos Cultura

FACTT | Canada 2019 – From 9th to 12th of March


An Exhibition of Experimental Contemporary Art, co-sponsored by Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, ArtSci Salon, Arte Institute and Cultivamos Cultura. The exhibition features the work of invited artists from Portugal and North America, and AMPD students. The exhibition is curated by Marta DeMenezes, Roberta Buiani and Joel Ong

(BE)COMING is an exhibition of Experimental Contemporary Art is about the impermanence of becoming permanent. A transformation is an extreme, radical change. The unavoidability of changes is a constant process we have throughout our lives. We may not always be aware of it, and often just spend so much energy avoiding this “law of nature” that we forget it exists and thrives for stability. (BE) COMING is an exhibition about change, the impossibility of not changing, the perpetual impermanence and the process of becoming. As we become aware of the need to change in our world, in our planet and our lives, it feels necessary to remember that life is a dynamic process. Life is a consistent process of transformation and adaptation. Art, more than any other human endeavour, is a reflection of this aspect of life and therefore the best way to remember the process of being something different, something else, something more, or something less, while becoming ourselves.

and here is a short video. we literally put together the exhibition and had to shut it down 2 days after, so apologies for the poor footage, but it is still amazing what Pavel Tavares, one of the artists in the exhibit and the official video maker of CC was able to do!

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