SisterLabs: beyond borders – March 21, 27, 28 and Apr 1

The NewONE, ArtSci Salon and n-D::StudioLab present:

A series of public dialogues, workshops, and performances addressing interdisciplinary and decolonial approaches at the intersection between art, science, and technology

This program is the culmination of a term-long pedagogical effort to foster, connect, and consolidate interdisciplinary dialogues across the 5 courses at the NewONE Program (New College, University of Toronto). It is also part of a short-term mobile residency, based on the sustainable principles of sharing knowledge and resources, and the goal to foster interdisciplinary dialogues and new pedagogy across 4 institutions in Canada and in the US. Finally, the initiative is part of the FEMeeting SisterLabs series designed to support and lead to the FEMeeting, a women and women-identified conference taking place on June 23-29 2024 at the University of Windsor. Events will take place at various locations in Toronto.

Details and full program can be found here


Cecillia Ocharan Vilca — Peruvian transartist, feminist chola techno-witch, and language activist

Praba Pilar — diasporic Colombian interdisciplinary artist disrupting the overwhelmingly passive participation in the contemporary cult of the techno-logic

Nathalie Dubois  —  bioartist and plant science researcher based in Montreal, engaging in feminist acts of reconciliation with her non/human components


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