Subtle Technologies, 7-9 June, 2013

ARTSCI salon fans! Come to Subtle Technologies Festival! you can find information on how to register and how to reach the festival here

the best way to enjoy to festival is ….well, to come and visit us there. but just in case you can’t be there, you can follow the festival (in slight delay) on  Noemalab blog 

The topic this year will be on Immortality, a HOT theme, judging from the great media attention that the festival has received even before it started !!!!

here is a link to a June 6 interview with Jim Ruxton at Global News   

and here is an article by Geoff Pevere on the Globe and Mail on the upcoming screening of “The Singularity” on saturday evening
or here :

and a radio  interview  by CBC Matt Galloway to Hendrick Poinar

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