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Proximal Fields at Ars Electronica Gardens – [Anti]disciplinary Topographies

Proximal Fields Because of the pandemic, the Fields Institute was closed to the public, and remained closed[…]

FACTT Toronto – Festival of Art & Science

The Arte Institute, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and ArtSci Salon, has the pleasure to announce FACTT – Festival of Art &[…]

new ArtSci Salon: What does A stand for in STEAM? Fri Dec 1 5:30-7:30 pm @Fields

What does A stand for in STEAM? Grouping four broadly defined disciplinary clusters –– Science, Technology, Engineering[…]

CALL for knitting and crochet lovers!

On Oct 20, ArtSci Salon is hosting “Narrating Neuroscience”. During this event, four artists and scientists will[…]

Dave Kemp and Jonathon Anderson: Floating Points. Concept and installation

A brief chat with Dave Kemp and Jonathon Anderson about their installation “Floating Points” now on view[…]

invitation to the Cabinet Project’s opening, April 6

Join us to the opening of The Cabinet Project  on April 6, 2017 4:00 pm Introduction and[…]