The Cabinet Project launch at Figment Festival July 23

On July 23-24, Artscisalon was featured at Figment Festival with an improvised interactive installation meant to promote The Cabinet Project, our new ambitious project which will repopulate several abandoned cabinets at the University of Toronto with SciArt collaborations and interactions with the labs and research units in their proximity.

Check back for the official Call for Artworks which will be published on Aug. 10.

This instance of the “Cabinet Project” featured two DIY cabinets (foamboard+ acrylic) which passersby were encouraged to fill with interesting objects.

here are a few of examples of the beautiful layouts that came out from this experiment (obviously kids were the best artists).

ArtSci Salon at Figment Festival July 23-24

One of our ArtSci salon member and artist/engineer extraordinaire, Ron Wild, participated with his beautiful tribute to Buckminster Fuller
2016-07-23 17.51.20

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