The Cabinet Project is a distributed exhibition, featuring installations in 10 cabinets and under-utilized spaces around the University of Toronto's St. George campus. Artists and scientists will re-populate these spaces with installations that interact with research, instruments and individuals working in their proximity. below is a list of the venues and how they looked at the moment the artists started working on them.

To see the location of the cabinets on the map of the U of T campus and how they have been transformed, click here 

Koffler Cabinets

In the Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College Street. It hosts a series of three cabinets located in the corridor connecting to the Bahen Centre, where the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics reside. The cabinets have been empty for several years. They will host installations by Dave Kemp and Jonathon Anderson, and Nicole Clouston. 

Size: 32in X78in x12in

Robarts Library

130 St George Street Catherine Beaudette, Stefan Herda, Stefanie Kuzmiski and Nina Czegledy will install works in four cabinets located on the first floor of the Robarts Library. Sizes: 47.5in.x 116.5in x 16in 

Physics Cabinet

McLennan Laboratories, 60 St George Street

The Physics cabinet is located at the entrance of the McLennan Laboratories in the Department of Physics. Rick Hyslop will be populating this cabinet with a kinetic installation. Size: 17in X126in X 30in


Banting Cabinet

UVic - 73 Queen's Park Crescent

This now empty cabinet is sitting on the third floor of the University of Victoria College. The building hosts the Department of History and Philosophy of Science  (HIPST) and the Material Culture Program. Nicole Liao will create her installation inside this cabinet

Gerstein Library

7 Kings College Circle. The Gerstein Science Library has offered two cabinets which will host the installation of Joel Ong and Mick Lorusso and a -mainly unused, yet ideally sized- room which will contain an installation by Microcollection