• Oncomap - Ron Wild and Joe Geraci
  • Zabotinsky experiment - Stephen Morris
  • Resonating Bees - Sarah Peebles
  • Elaine Whittaker
  • Risa Horowitz - Imaging Saturn
  • Mark-David Hosale - Quasar

Artsci News

Article in the Varsity

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Tiffany Lieu from the Varsity wrote an article on The Cabinet Project, where she interviews our Scientific Director, Stephen Morris, on the values of having the arts involved in communicating, enhancing and assisting the... READ MORE

a visit to the subbasement of U of T

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To many, the University of Toronto is a well-oiled, yet headless machine capable of simultaneously producing and digesting, disseminating and destroying, revealing and hiding interminable amounts of knowledge. For every scholar taking notes, performing an... READ MORE