The Anthropocene Cookbook with Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie Oct 16, 3:30 pm

Oct 16, 3:30 PM  – The Anthropocene cookbook

Guest Speakers: Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie authors of The Anthropocene Cookbook. How to survive in the age of catastrophes

During this event, they will present the general concepts behind their book, focusing on aspects pertaining to sustainable consumption and waste. To match the topic of their talk, attendees will be presented with futuristic snacks and will be encouraged to discuss food alternatives and new networks of solidarity to fight “food desertification”.

Paul Gong, Human Hyena, 2014. Photograph courtesy of Paul Gong

here is a recording of the event

Zane Cerpina is a multicultural and interdisciplinary female author, curator, artist, and designer working with the complexity of socio-political and environmental issues in contemporary society and in the age of the Anthropocene. Cerpina earned her master’s degree in design from AHO – The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and a bachelor’s degree in Art and Technology from Aalborg University. She resides in Oslo and is a project manager/curator at TEKS (Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre). She is also a co-founder and editor of EE: Experimental Emerging Art Journal. From 2015 to 2019, Cerpina was a creative manager and editor at PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway).

Stahl Stenslie works as an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art and interaction experiences. His aesthetic focus is on art and artistic expressions that challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. Through his practice he asks the questions we tend to avoid – or where the answers lie in the shadows of existence. Keywords of his practice are somaesthetics, unstable media, transgression and numinousness. The technological focus in his works is on the art of the recently possible – such as i) panhaptic communication on Smartphones, ii) somatic and immersive soundspaces, and iii) design of functional and lethal artguns, 3D printed in low-cost plastic material.He has a PhD on Touch and Technologies from The School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Currently he heads the R&D department at Arts for Young Audiences Norway.

This event is part of the international Leonardo LASER series 
LASER Toronto is hosted by Nina Czegledy and Roberta Buiani


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