pedagogical explorations on interspecies communication and digital networks, land-based justice, and collective care Oct 2- Nov 13

Pedagogical Explorations is a public series conceived as part of “Emergent Practices in Communication”, an advanced course hosted at the beautiful York University’s Glendon Campus. Supported by a Academic Innovation Fund, this special series consists of 5 public engagements with pedagogical and experiential learning goals.

The main objective is to provide opportunities for students to not only achieve a better and more nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in interspecies communication in relation to our technological networks, but also to develop a better intersectional appreciation for responsible consumption and production, collaborative and collective work, communication with different forms of knowledge, and untimately, care.

An important hands on component of the course is to help build, care for, and document a site specific installation by Markham-based artist Xiaojing Yan. The installation will be visible throughout the Fall 23′ term, and will be followed by four afternoon hybrid events featuring international artists and community organizers engaged in land based knowledge production and care, interspecies communication and community engagement.

please, see the dedicated site here with links to register


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