Stefanie Joelle Kuzmiski is a professional biomedical illustrator and a practicing visual artist. Her work focuses on visualizing and exploring the unseen, from metaphor to conceptual scientific models. Stefanie holds a Master of Science in Medical Art from the University of Dundee and a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia. She is a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators as well as the Medical Artists Association of Great Britain.

Objects of Intuition pairs the Platonic and Catalan solid models from the Coxeter Collection with three-dimensional printed models of brainwave scans from individuals looking at mathematical equations. Taken together, these models appear for the viewer as metaphorical tessellations while simultaneously foregrounding the relationality underlying conventional notions of objects embedded within environments. The project plays on the perceived exactitude of mathematics by highlighting the need for all thought or knowledge to be perceived through the body. A critical engagement with the mathematical equations modeled by the specimens of the Coxeter Collection can also itself be understood as always embodied and objectified. 

Animated versions of the 3D model will be available to view through a link, allowing viewers of the exhibit to interact with the material object, a 2D static representation, as well as a 3D dynamic, animated representation. Viewers would engage the cabinet and its contents through multiple platforms and modalities. The digital animation returns a notion of tactility to the otherwise detached viewing process. In this sense, the synthetic object proliferates through digital or new media technologies and actively transforms the way we experience and interact with our material surroundings.