The mediated body, Oct. 26, 2012 – roundtable part of Splice

The roundtable “The Mediated Body” a collaboration between ArtSci Salon, KMDI and Subtle Technologies Festival, part of the multi-part event Splice, was a great success! while we figure out how to upload video and audio excerpts, here are some pictures to tease you.

the roundtable was held at U of T, in the Bissell Building, and featured special guests Allison Crawford (psychiatrist), David Steinman (biomedical engineer), Drew Danielle Belsky  and Jack Butler (interdisciplinary artists). The roundtable was moderated by Nina Czegledy, with Jim Ruxton and Roberta Buiani recording and doing technical support.

You can see the full photo set here . Thanks to Dolores Steinman for sending in her pictures!

Nina stirring the discussion

A very engaged audience

A glimpse at the roundtable:





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