Next ArtSci Salon: Culture + Genes Wed. April 23, @ Fields

Culture + Genes


When: Wednesday April 23, 6:30-8:30

Where: The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences 222 College Street, Toronto

Geneticist Rabia Khan and interdisciplinary artist Omar Estrada will explore the intersections between Culture and Genetics: how do we (or can we) tell apart nature and nurture? How and where does the languages of culture and social interaction intersect  with the code we use to decipher DNA?
What happen when we remove information from its natural framework of interpretation? Have the displacement of information – its multiple translations – the capacity of producing meaning as a renovated construction of understanding?

Rabia Khan is a geneticist from McGill with a business background . She has recently moved to Toronto and loves the ArtSci events and wants to work on merging genetics with art.

Omar Estrada is a Cuban visual artist who works with interdisciplinary installation, sound, video, interactivity, and narrative text. His artwork explores the tensions between Art, Science & Technology in the context of social structures.

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