next ArtSci Salon: Of maps, territories and emerging patterns, Fri Jan 29 Redhead gallery

Of Maps, Territories, and Emerging Patterns 
With Kari Dalnoki-Veress and the ArtSci-ers

Between January 20 and January 30, the Redhead gallery will be hosting “The Map and the Territory” an exhibition featuring works by Ron Wild and Stephen Morris.
These works capture the world as a complicated, yet elegant series of natural, human and technological patterns and networks. The approaches are very different, almost opposite: Ron Wild’s geometrically laid assemblages deal with human, technological and social connections converging into medical practices, cultural phenomena, and scientific disciplines. Morris’ photographs explore nature’s patterned arrangements resulting from its steady and constant transformations, as well as events generated by human experiments and manipulations.

The association between these works and the terms named in the title of the exhibition, “map” and “territory” seems obvious. Wild’s regular lines and shapes make one think of maps and Morris’ meandering formations with their seemingly abstract appearance remind us of a pristine territory to be mapped. However, how can you squeeze these interpretations into established categories, especially when we contemplate them in the space of a gallery? What kind of interpretations, symbols and extrapolations do they evoke? In the end, aren’t they all mapping different territories? What happens when scientific subjects are relocated in an artistic context? And how can art generate or reveal scientific content? When is science art?
On January 29, we invited physicist Kari Dalnoki-Veress (Soft Condensed Matter Group, McMaster University) to give us his opinion on the subject and to help us respond to these questions. Ron Wild and Stephen Morris will be in attendance
….but we want to hear from you too! Here is how:

1) Join us at the gallery opening on Jan 22 (6:00-9:00).
2) Check out the artworks
3) Write your reactions on the “Map and the Territory” cards which will be distributed at the opening reception and will be available the gallery during regular hours
4) Come to the January 29 ArtSci Salon event
5) Participate!


January 29, 7:00-9:00, Red Head Gallery,
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 115

Kari Dalnoki-Veress is professor at the Department of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University, where he leads the Soft Condensed Matter Group, a research unit that studies soft-materials at surfaces and interfaces.


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