SPLICE – opening at UTAC

Here are a few pictures taken at the opening of SPLICE at UTAC. The show displays works by Diana Burgoyne, Rebecca Cairns, Dana Claxton, Orshi Drozdik, Fred Laforge, Catherine Richards,  Lisa Steele + Kim Tomczak and  Piotr Wyrzykowski, as well as works by students from the Graduate Program in Biomedical Communications, UTM.

Of particular historical importance are the rare drawings from the collection of Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto Mississauga and the Division of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine. Medical  artists Maria Wishart, Eila Hopper-Ross, Nancy Joy, Dorothy Foster Chubb, Elizabeth Blackstock and Marguerite Drummond, all women and all working from as early as the late 1920’s were an infatigable force that set the standards for the now world renown and world-wide used Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy 

The show will be up until December 1. If you have a chance, it is really worth a visit. check UTAC’s website here

Below: Set-up and performance by Diana Burgoyne “What do you think the mind is?”

Catherine Richards

Orshi Drodzik

works by students

See the full set here 


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