The Cabinet project artists talk. Nature: patterns, models, imitation , Friday, Apr 7

Nature: patterns, models, imitation

Dave Kemp and Jonathon Anderson

Stefan Herda 

Stefanie Kuzmiski

Respondent, Joel Kamnitzer

Stephen Morris

This artist talk and panel reflects on ways to cope with natural events by means of mathematics, art and theory. AS some of the artworks in this exhibition demonstrate, we have tendency to observe patterns, or create models that remind us of natural forms, or recreate (purposely or inadvertently) the mechanisms and appearance of nature. these different approaches can be observed in the work of Dave Kemp and Jonathon Anderson whose hypnotic sculpture encapsulates the dynamism of waves and interferences, or in the work of Stefanie Kuzmiski and Catherine Beaudette, who engaged with the mathematical models form the Coxeter collection, the first looking for patterns that intuitively reminded her of brainwave scans models, the latter seizing the continuity and levels of abstraction of mathematical models  vis-a-vis found and collected items from nature. Finally, a different approach transpires from Stefan Herda’s re-making of nature, a tribute to today’s anthropocene, yet another very human attempt to cope with natural phenomena.

join us for a discussion on these topics and more

Friday, Apr 7, 2017

The Fields Institute

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