Article in the Varsity

Tiffany Lieu from the Varsity wrote an article on The Cabinet Project, where she interviews our Scientific Director, Stephen Morris, on the values of having the arts involved in communicating, enhancing and assisting the sciences. The article briefly mentions the ArtSci Salon, but fails to take note of the collaborative aspect of both Cabinet Project and ArtSci Salon. I hope that as the project becomes more evident (and visible) people will also start understanding the  crucial role of interdisciplinary collaboration in making these initiatives happen. In addition to being a collaboration between me (Roberta Buiani) and Stephen (Morris), the Cabinet Project (and ArtSci Salon in the first place) are the products of the intersection of multiple networks, disciplinary realms and individuals ready and open to work outside of their comfort zone

  1. Andree Crepeau

    So exciting….what seems like a lifetime ago Catherine Beaudette came to explore and paint in a large archaeological collection I managed at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site on Cape Breton Island. We always looked forward to having artists in the collection as they always left us with new ways of looking at the artifacts or new ways of thinking about them. Before she left she hung a show in our building and we invited the large staff to visit….many had never been in the collections and the expierence was joyous for us. To quote the superintendent of the day “This is the most fun I’ve had at work ever”. Get ready to rock the boat!

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