New article by Nina Rafeek about the Cabinet Project!

Here is a new article by Nina Rafeek from SEE about three artists involved in the Cabinet project: Catherine Beaudette, Nicole Clouston and Stefan Herda.

The Cabinet Project April 6th-May 15th: Artist Profile

Article by: Nina Rafeek

Further to our previous article that introduced the Cabinet Project and its founding members, a date for the project launch has been set! The multi-site project will be on display at the St. George campus from April 6th to May 15th, 2017.  Using art as a medium, the artists will reveal, emphasize and engage in the various scientific disciplines such as microbiology, geometry, mathematics, geology, physics and acoustics.  Historically, art has been integral to understanding and discovering scientific processes.  Hand-drawn pictures, diagrams and models were used to study everything from the animal cell, to the multi layered strata of ancient rocks, to billion-year old fossils.  The Cabinet Project, however, hopes to take art into a space that is beyond education.   It aims to engage with the ineffable; to create a space where one can consider and ruminate upon our connection with ecology in innovative and creative ways. The Cabinet Project will show us that science can be personal with the use of artistic creativity.

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